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Ad Astra

Rated :
Synopsis : A Man Journeys Across A Lawless Solar System To Find His Missing Father -- A Renegade Scientist Who Poses A Threat To Humanity.
A Man Journeys Across The Universe To Find His Father -- A Scientist Who Poses A Threat To Humanity.
A Man Journeys Across The Solar System To Find His Father.

Angel Has Fallen

Rated : 14A (Coarse Language, Violence)

Synopsis : Authorities Take Secret Service Agent Mike Banning Into Custody For The Failed Assassination Attempt Of U.S. President Allan Trumbull. After Escaping From His Captors, Banning Must Evade The FBI And His Own Agency To Find The Real Threat To The President. Desperate To Uncover The Truth, He Soon Turn.....

Blinded By The Light

Rated : Parental Guidance (Violence, Coarse Language)

Synopsis : Javed Is A Pakistani Teenager Who Experiences Racial And Economic Turmoil While Living In Luton, England, In 1987. He Writes Poetry As A Way To Escape The Intolerance Of His Hometown And The Stubborn Views Of His Traditional Father. When A Classmate Introduces Him To The Music Of Bruce Springsteeen,.....

Brittany Runs A Marathon

Rated : 14A (Coarse and Sexual Language)

Synopsis : A Hard-partying Woman Receives A Startling Wake-up Call When A Visit To The Doctor Reveals How Unhealthy She Is. Motivated To Lose Weight, She Soon Takes Up Running To Help Her Prepare For Her Ultimate Goal -- Competing In The New York City Marathon.
A Hard-partying, Unhealthy Woman Takes Up Runn.....

Dora And The Lost City Of Gold

Rated : Parental Guidance (Violence)

Synopsis : Having Spent Most Of Her Life Exploring The Jungle, Nothing Could Prepare Dora For Her Most Dangerous Adventure Yet -- High School. Accompanied By A Ragtag Group Of Teens And Boots The Monkey, Dora Embarks On A Quest To Save Her Parents While Trying To Solve The Seemingly Impossible Mystery Behind A.....

Downton Abbey

Rated : Parental Guidance (Coarse Language, Violence)

Synopsis : The Crawleys And Their Servants Prepare For A Royal Visit From The King And Queen.
The Crawleys And Their Servants Prepare For A Royal Visit.
Based On The Television Series.
We've Been Expecting You.

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

Rated : Parental Guidance (Coarse Language, Violence)

Synopsis : Brixton Lorr Is A Cybernetically Enhanced Soldier Who Possesses Superhuman Strength, A Brilliant Mind And A Lethal Pathogen That Could Wipe Out Half Of The World's Population. It's Now Up To Hulking Lawman Luke Hobbs And Lawless Operative Deckard Shaw To Put Aside Their Past Differences And Work Tog.....

Good Boys

Rated : 14A (Sexual Content, Coarse Language)

Synopsis : Invited To His First Kissing Party, 12-year-old Max Asks His Best Friends Lucas And Thor For Some Much-needed Help On How To Pucker Up. When They Hit A Dead End, Max Decides To Use His Father's Drone To Spy On The Teenage Girls Next Door. When The Boys Lose The Drone, They Skip School And Hatch A Pl.....


Rated : 14A (Coarse Language, Nudity)

Synopsis : Working As A Stripper To Make Ends Meet, Destiny's Life Changes Forever When She Becomes Friends With Ramona -- The Club's Top Money Earner. Ramona Soon Shows Destiny How To Finagle Her Way Around The Wealthy Wall Street Clientele Who Frequent The Club. But When The 2008 Economic Collapse Cuts Into .....

It: Chapter Two

Rated : 14A (Coarse Language)

Synopsis : Defeated By Members Of The Losers' Club, The Evil Clown Pennywise Returns 27 Years Later To Terrorize The Town Of Derry, Maine, Once Again. Now Adults, The Childhood Friends Have Long Since Gone Their Separate Ways. But When People Start Disappearing, Mike Hanlon Calls The Others Home For One Final .....

Legends Of The Fall

Rated :
Synopsis : In Early 20th-century Montana, Col. William Ludlow (Anthony Hopkins) Lives In The Wilderness With His Sons, Tristan (Brad Pitt), Alfred (Aidan Quinn) And Samuel (Henry Thomas). Eventually, The Unconventional But Close-knit Family Encounters Tragedy When Samuel Is Killed In World War I. Tristan And A.....

Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood

Rated : 14A (Coarse Language, Violence)

Synopsis : Actor Rick Dalton Gained Fame And Fortune By Starring In A 1950s Television Western, But Is Now Struggling To Find Meaningful Work In A Hollywood That He Doesn't Recognize Anymore. He Spends Most Of His Time Drinking And Palling Around With Cliff Booth, His Easygoing Best Friend And Longtime Stunt D.....

Rambo: Last Blood

Rated : 18A (Explicit Violence)

Synopsis : When A Friend's Daughter Is Kidnapped, Rambo Crosses The U.S.-Mexico Border To Bring Her Home But Finds Himself Up Against One Of Mexico's Most Ruthless Cartels.
Vietnam War Veteran John Rambo Must Save A Kidnapped Girl From A Vicious Drug Cartel In Mexico.
John Rambo Battles A Vicious Drug Ca.....

The Goldfinch

Rated : Parental Guidance (Violence, Coarse Language, Drug Use)

Synopsis : Theodore Decker Was 13 Years Old When His Mother Was Killed In A Bombing At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art In New York. The Tragedy Changes The Course Of His Life, Sending Him On A Stirring Odyssey Of Grief And Guilt, Reinvention And Redemption, And Even Love. Through It All, He Holds On To One Tang.....

The Lion King 3D

Rated : General (May Frighten Young Children)

Synopsis : Simba Idolizes His Father, King Mufasa, And Takes To Heart His Own Royal Destiny On The Plains Of Africa. But Not Everyone In The Kingdom Celebrates The New Cub's Arrival. Scar, Mufasa's Brother -- And Former Heir To The Throne -- Has Plans Of His Own. The Battle For Pride Rock Is Soon Ravaged With .....
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