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Bridgeburg BIA
Bridgeburg BIA
Bridgeburg BIA

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Bridgeburg BIA:

Welcome to the BIA!

Train Bridge .jpgOnce known as the Village of Bridgeburg , Bridgeburg Station, Historic Downtown Fort Erie, formerly a bustling railroad stop, is today a vibrant centre for commerce and professional activity with the Downtown Advantage .

Growing from the construction of the International Train Bridge in the 1870s, this quaint business district was established more than 120 years ago when the International Bridge Railway Bridge was built, a major rail link to the United States.

Formed in the 1970's with the intention of promoting the businesses located within its boundaries, the BIA has seen many changes since its first mud streets and wooden sidewalks. More than a century later, it continues to thrive as the heart of its community, now home to a membership of more than 100 businesses

Great Location

Bridgeburg Station, Historic Downtown Fort Erie, is nestled on the banks of the Niagara River, just five kilometers north of the historic
Peace Bridge, one of Canada's busiest international border crossings. Sloping directly onto Niagara Boulevard, once called the most beautiful drive in North America, the BIA has a view of Buffalo, New York, a major city with thousands of potential customers looking for added value for their American currency.

A Dynamic Downtown

street2.jpgMore than 11,500 vehicles visit Bridgeburg Station, Historic Downtown Fort Erie on a daily basis. That's almost 12,000 potential customers already at your doorstep, every day of the week. Add to that Fort Erie's population of 30,000 people (4,000 of whom live within a five-kilometer radius of the BIA) and the 292,648 people who live in the
City of Buffalo.

Established Businesses

cars.jpgBridgeburg Station Historic Downtown Fort Erie is home to many established customer-based businesses. Your business will be situated in the financial and professional centre of Fort Erie where there are three major banking institutions, the town's main post office and a provincial court house.

A Strong Customer Base

customers.jpgEveryday, hundreds of people visit our downtown for personal banking alone. These people are residents, small business owners, locals and tourists alike. And they can be your customers! Your business, in Bridgeburg Station Historic Downtown Fort Erie will be what people see when they are thinking about their money – and what to spend it on.

There's Prime Space Available

space2.jpgThe storefronts or office space available in Bridgeburg Station Historic Downtown Fort Erie are all located in prime downtown space. There is property for sale or for lease, at reasonable and negotiable prices. Financial advice and information is available through our downtown banks or through the Business Development Centre on Jarvis Street. Please see our link for Available Space - Sale or Rent for further information.

Networking Opprtunities

networking.jpgThe Bridgeburg Station, Historic Downtown Fort Erie, Business Improvement Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to revitalization of the downtown business district where many networking opportunities exist.

Members are encouraged to take part in planning their downtown's future, side by side, with fellow business owners by sitting on the BIA's Board of Management, an event committee or task force.

The BIA works hand-in-hand with the Town of Fort Erie Economic Development & Tourism Corporation and the Greater Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce.

The Place To Be!
placetobe.jpgBridgeburg Station, Historic Downtown Fort Erie, is at the heart of a great community that has evolved into one of the most progressive organizations of its kind in Ontario.

Results from an independent research analysis of Bridgeburg Station commercial business showed that Fort Erie residents visit the downtown district on a regular basis; that Bridgeburg Station attracts over 75 per cent of the residents from the Town of Fort Erie, and up to 70 per cent of town residents visit the district at least once a week.

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