• Youth Programs and Initiatives in Niagara

    FirstOntario Credit Union

    FirstOntario Credit Union’s youth financial literary program is designed to teach young adults how to properly handle their money. As a key part of the program, youths can access MoneyonTrees.ca, a blog dedicated to answering questions often posed by working youths. During the initial phase of this website’s growth, FirstOntario will also supplement their blog with heavy social media marketing via Twitter and Facebook. MoneyonTrees.ca addresses many of the important topics young adults must familiarize themselves with in order to become independent, financially stable adults. Topics that frequently appear on the blog include consumer rights, saving, and investing. In addition to the youth program, FirstOntario also offers a wide variety of tools and resources for those interested in advancing their knowledge.

    Youth Programs Niagara

    Niagara Resource Service for Youth (RAFT)

    As one of four winners of this year’s Eva’s Initiative Award for Ending Youth Homelessness, RAFT received $25,000 to put towards helping “high-risk” youths. As one of the leading youth program in Niagara, this award was well received and will benefit the region immensely. Since 2008, RAFT’s Youth Reconnect program has helped 300 kids a year avoid shelters and food banks by giving them the guidance and support they need to get back on their feet.

    Youth Programs Niagara

    Importance of Youth in Niagara

    Youth programs are incredibly important for the community as they ensure the health and safety of underprivileged children growing-up in Niagara. Not all youths have the same home-life or economic support, so Niagara youth programs aim to restore balance and provide the resources necessary for all kids to achieve greatness.

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