• Will Grow Ops Sprout in Niagara Region?

    Coming into effect April 2014, the Ministry of Health passed new regulations that may lead to the implementation of several commercial marijuana grow ops in Niagara Region. Back in 2001, Health Canada permitted individuals with severely debilitating illnesses to grow and use medicinal marijuana; however, over a decade later, such regulations have led to unsafe growing practices. Issues including ventilation, fire safety, and the environment are among the biggest concerns. Introducing large-scale grow ops into the community would eliminate these hazards, but at what cost?

    In February, the council will review the township’s bylaws to see whether or not such developments abide by current laws and regulations. Community perspectives on the issue are scattered. With this said, the Windsor-Essex community, faced with an identical change, embraces the development of medical marijuana operations in Canada, claiming that it may improve agricultural business.

    For regions already involved in agriculture, this may be a great way to increase revenue. With the government proposing to pay $7.50 per gram, grows up stand to earn nearly $3,000 per pound. Since many of these regions already have the resources for growing available, less manufacturing expenses are deducted from these earnings. Niagara will be faced with similar benefits, but also unique disadvantages. For one, Niagara’s situated close to the US border. The region has a great tourism sector and is known for its wine country, so will these regulations disturb these operations? Furthermore, security at the border will need to increase should these grow ops set up shop.

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