• Welland’s Proposed Chinese Business Centre

    Last week, the city raised a sign at 51 Niagara St., Welland, announcing a proposed Chinese business centre, owned by Mostafa Kamali and designed by Henry Chiu. As unveiled in an interview, the Toronto-based developer plans to turn this plot of land into a four-storey indoor mall, one that will include restaurants and retailers on ground level and offices above. If built, however, this mall would exclusively support Chinese small businesses.

    Currently, the project awaits site plan approval, a process that typically takes two to three months. Although the project fits inside existing zoning, a portion does sit within the Welland River flood plain. This means the developers require the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority’s approval before construction can commence. Already the city has held a preliminary discussion, but the developer has yet to apply for or obtain a building permit. For this reason, the size of the project is still undetermined.

    Meanwhile, the Outlet Collection at Niagara approaches completion. Last Tuesday, the developers displayed the nearly finished shopping centre to media members in anticipation of its grand opening. As detailed in a previous post (click here), this 520,000 sq. ft. mall takes the title of Canada’s largest open-air shopping complex, offering over 120 well-known retailers to the residents of Southern Ontario. Shoppers eagerly await May 15th, less than one week from today, at which point they may “shop ‘til [they] drop.”

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