• Welland CIP: The Downtown Health and Wellness Cluster Project

    Dillon Consulting and RCI Consulting attended the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) meeting on Monday in Welland. Coined the Downtown Health and Wellness Cluster Project, the city intends to provide incentives for local property owners to boost private-sector investments in the region. As explained on the city’s website, “The goals of this CIP are to promote revitalization, reinforce Downtown as a mixed use, transit supportive area, and encourage uses in the Health and Wellness Cluster that strengthen Welland’s health and wellness resources.” So far, the agreed incentives include:

    • Urban design grants*
    • Facade improvement grants**
    • Building improvement grants and loans***
    • Residential grants and loans****
    • Tax increment grants
    • Planning and building grants
    • Development charge reductions

    * 50% (max. $2,500/property) covered for professional design services.
    ** 50% (max. $12,500 for commercial, institutional and mixed-use buildings) for façade improvement; heritage property owners can receive as much as $7,500 per grant.
    ***Structural improvement grants up to $12,500 and interest-free loans of 70% (max. $30,000).
    **** Grants at $15/sq. of residential space (max. of four units at $15,000 each) and interest-free loans at $20/sp. (max. of four units at $20,000 each).

    The city will release additional details in coming months after careful deliberation over next year’s budget. For more information, visit http://www.welland.ca/development/CIPPlans_Incentives.asp. Here you can retrieve various CIP documents, including meeting summaries, display boards, presentations and guidelines. For those interested in applying to one of the above programs, click through to http://www.welland.ca/development/DowntownIncentivePrograms.asp. (*Image Courtesy of the Corporations of the City of Welland).

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