• Upcoming Bi-Elections in Niagara Falls

    shutterstock_121045435Residents anticipate Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne to call byelections in Niagara Falls and Thorhnhill this coming Wednesday, putting voters in the poll by the 13th of February. Although it has not been a full six months since MPP Kim Craitor resigned, some officials believe that this particular date may be selected because the Olympics and long weekend pose as a distraction for voters.

    Although still speculative, Wayne Gates, the Niagara Falls City Councillor and member of the NDP, announced on Tuesday that he will run in the upcoming provincial by-election. Appropriately, Gates revealed this news at the Fort Erie Racetrack and Parliament Oak School in Niagara-on-the-lake. For several months, he has been an advocate of keeping Fort Erie Hospital open and has shown support for the Fort Erie Racetrack among other things that will appear in his campaign.

    Since 2011, the Liberals have dropped from occupying 15 to just 5 of the region’s ridings, and despite their recent $75-million wine strategy, it does not seem as if they will regain many of these lost places. With this said, experts believe it unlikely for the Liberals to be excluded completely due to their strong position in Guelph and London North.

    The Liberals will be represented by Joyce Morocoo in light of the possible by-elections coming up. Although the Greens have not announced a member, Tory Bart Maves looks to reclaim the riding he lost in 2003. More information on the bi-elections will surely follow next week.

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