• Thorold is Canada’s Most Patriotic City

    For the third year in a row, Thorold claimed the title of Canada’s Most Patriotic City when more than 8,346 flag were raised in celebration of Canada Day 2013. Compared to last year, Thorold raised 2,253 more flags — Venneri Real Estate Team of Remax Garden City Realty may have had something to do with this; the real estate firm sponsored 5,000 of the Canadian flags found in Thorold, so the title of Canada’s Most Patriotic City rests heavily on their generous shoulders as well.

    Happy Canada Day

    Although many other cities did not display the same calibre of Canadian pride, according to the Association for Canadian Studies, the majority of Canadians felt patriotic as the National Anthem blared across the country on Monday. In terms of statistics, the survey revealed the following about Canadian pride:

    • Overall, 75% of Canadians are proud to sing the national anthem: 53% in Quebec, 86% in Alberta, 84% in Manitoba/Saskatchewan, 83% in Ontario, and 79% in Atlantic Canada
    • 63% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 24 admitted to feeling proud during Canada Day celebrations, whereas 87% of citizens over the age of 65 said the same
    • 36% of Canadians displayed the Maple Leaf on an article of clothing over the past year — 13% of Quebecers and 45% of Ontarians

    While not everyone enjoyed this year’s statutory holiday, it seems as if the majority of Niagara Region residents participated in community events. Thorold’s own Canada Day Picnic attracted an outstanding 3,000 people. Of course, tourists and local citizens by the thousands visited downtown Niagara Falls for festivities on July 1st, as the famous Victoria Street parade marched in the afternoon.

    Canadian flag

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