• The Provincial Investigations Reptile Housing Facility

    Reptiles and AmphibiansThe Welland and District Humane Society and Thorold’s Reptile Kingdom have combined efforts to construct the Provincial Investigations Reptile Housing Facility, a place where experts can care for and store non-native reptiles, amphibians and arachnids seized or captured in the region. Undoubtedly, this facility will have a positive influence on both the safety of pet owners and animal control officers alike.

    Canada already contains roughly forty species of amphibians and fifty species of reptiles, so identifying a snake or lizard in the wild as dangerous or foreign is a difficult task for those untrained, unaware or simply inexperienced. In this respect, experts at the Reptile Kingdom can assist local animal control officers in the field and teach those with pets how to safely look after their reptiles and amphibians.

    Exotic Pets Regulations

    Over the last two years, reptile importation into the province of Ontario has risen 43%, largely due to the fact there are no provincial laws to regulate exotic animals in the home. Thankfully, Reptile Kingdom proposes to introduce permits for those interested in adoption. Through education, the facility hopes to reduce the number of dangerous reptiles living domestically in Niagara region. Note: “Ontario’s reptiles and amphibians are protected under the federal Species at Risk Act and these Ontario acts: the Endangered Species Act, 2007; the Planning Act, under which the Provincial Policy Statement is issued; and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.” – Ontario Nature

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