• The Floral Showhouse, Home to the World’s Tallest Flower

    After blooming late Tuesday Night, the Niagara Parks Commission extended the Floral Showhouse’s business hours on Wednesday, giving more residents and tourists the opportunity to witness the world’s tallest flower in-person.

    Known as the Titan Arum, sometimes referred to as the “corpse” or “carrion” flower, this species stands up to six meters tall and exudes potent odours while in-bloom. Sadly, however, this only lasts twelve hours – a small window of time for visitors. Last year, the flower bloomed first in Canada, so the city has been waiting eagerly to see if its leaf would emerge once again. As spectators will surely confirm: The Titan Arum did not disappoint.

    About the Floral Showhouse

    A popular destination for Ultimate Falls Experience pass holders, the Floral Showhouse sits only 500m from the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Niagara invites tourists to make this short walk to see one of Ontario’s most beautiful collections of orchids, succulents, and other tropical plants yearlong. In the summer, visitors can also wonder around the rose and fragrance gardens, decorated with ponds and paths through the centre of the natural city.

    For those without a city pass, admission costs $5 for adults (+tax) and $3.75 for children six to twelve years old – children under five enter free. Now that May’s wrapping up, the Hydrangea Show will conclude and transition into the Regal Geranium exhibition for June. If you wish to see more, swing by the Floral Showhouse’s website. Be sure to explore the other gardens in Niagara, including the Botanical Gardens, the Floral Clock, Queenston Heights, Oakes Garden Theatre, and Queen Victoria Park.


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