• The Casino Re-Assessment Racks-Up $1-million in Legal Bills

    So far, about $1-million of taxpayers’ money has been used to fund the dispute over the Niagara Falls casinos’ property assessment.  While $1-million may seem like a lot of wasted money, the initial assessment shorthanded the city’s budget by $3.8-million, the Region by $4.2-million, and the education system by $5.3-million.  Questions arise as to how far the court proceedings will go before there is a settlement.

    The financial burdens on the community are severe.  Roughly 4,500-people are employed by the two casinos and are terrified that these tax cuts may indicate the loss of their jobs.  For Niagara Region, the casinos act as the largest employer – the regional schools a close second.  To compensate, a three percent tax-hike has already been implemented and yet the city is still down a substantial amount of money.  One thing that is for certain is that the re-assessment process is costing taxpayers more money than is coming-back in.

    “We have two government agencies taking on a municipality. The only ones benefitting are the lawyers, and the only ones losing are the taxpayers. I walked out of one meeting, I was so frustrated.” Ken Todd

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