• St. Catharines-Niagara Job Vacancy Update

    The Statistics Canada’s March 2013 Job Vacancies report reveals that St. Catherines-Niagara is one of the country’s most difficult municipalities to find a job, with a 99.9% ratio of jobseekers per vacancy. According to the updated figures — those specific to June 2013 — over 17,000 adults in the St. Catherines-Niagara region currently seek work, full- or part-time. Of 214,000 adults aged 15 and older, June’s report shows a 7.9% unemployment rate in the community ; a 0.3% increase year-over-year.

    Compared to the rest of the country, St. Catherines-Niagara’s unemployment rate sits 0.7% above the province, which also equates to 1.3% more than the national median. In March, 221,000 job vacancies were accounted for in Canada — 24,000 less than the previous year. In Ontario alone, 8.8 unemployed individuals stand in competition with one another over every one job vacancy. Unemployment rates are up across the country, but St. Catherines-Niagara’s economy struggles most.

    Unemployment-to-Job Vacancies Ratio, Stats Can.

    Unemployment-to-Job Vacancies Ratio, Stats Can.

    Job Vacancy Rate, Stats Can.

    Job Vacancy Rate, Stats Can.

    30% of the St. Catherines-Niagara job vacancies are in the sales and service sector, relating to or directly involved in the retail and tourism industries. For students, these jobs would be ideal; however, due to the lower wages, many adults are financially troubled by the available jobs. Unfortunately, the majority of students do not stick around to occupy these jobs, as most university and college graduates move away after obtaining their certification/diploma. Due to the fact the business and public sectors do not see eye-to-eye, creating new jobs for professionals of talent is difficult at this moment in time.

    In light of these statistics, Niagara Workforce Planning Board plans to bring together the government, business, and education sectors by training workers for the next big economic push. Whether or not these sectors will work side-by-side in mending St. Catherines-Niagara’s job vacancy state is still yet to be seen.

    Niagara Workforce Planning Board

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