• St. Catharines to Adopt Open Data Initiative

    Open Data Initiative St. CatharinesCouncillors Approve Open Data Task Force

    Earlier this week, St. Catharines councillors voted in favour of an Open Data task force, following the example of nearby municipalities such as Welland and Niagara Falls. The Open Data initiative currently sits on many Canadian cities’ agendas, especially after the government launched the Action Plan on Open Government 2.0 last November.

    The Open Data initiative promotes the transparency and accessibility of information. By freeing data from intellectual property rights, it permits residents to share and use city information to better the community. For instance, a common example involves software development—the creation of apps for transit and other services. In effect, the Open Data initiative aims to improve community engagement, trust and awareness.

    Action Plan on Open Government 2.0

    The Open Government plan follows three streams: open data, open information and open dialogue. Combined, the plan strives to boost innovation and increase economic activity. So far, the government has published twelve commitments under this plan, four of which fall within the Open Data stream.

    1. Open Data Canada – Promote the Open Data initiative across all levels of government.
    2. Open Data Exchange – Establish hub for measuring and reporting economic activity spurred by Open Data Canada.
    3. Open Data for Development – Support regions and communities that have implemented Open Data; facilitate Open Data growth in other developing countries and communities.
    4. Open Data Core Commitment – Monitor and maintain data services employed by provinces/territories and cities.

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