• Spring in the Niagara Glen

    In collaboration with the Friends of Niagara Glen and the Niagara Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, the Niagara Parks Commission has announced this year’s “Spring in the Niagara Glen” event. On Saturday, May18th, guests are invited to embark on a selection of free guided-tour hikes, followed by a bewildering star-gazing program.

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    Hiking tours will commence at 11am and 2pm, where guides will lead participants along the stunningly natural walking-trails of the Niagara Glen. During the tour, hikers will observe local wildlife and a variety of flowers in bloom, including both Red and White Trilliums, Wild Columbine, and Dutchman’s Breeches. Between 1pm and 3pm, visitors will have the opportunity to use “sun-scopes”, allowing a safe viewing of the sun.

    Later in the evening (weather permitting), RASC will distribute telescopes for night-sky exploration. Astronomy experts will help participants locate famous constellations and space wonders using lazers. If, however, the skies are unsuitable for such an activity, RASC members will arrange for an astronomy presentation in the Niagara Glen Nature Centre. Either way, this is going to be an incredible event and we urge all community members to come-on-out to it.

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