• Parliament Oak, NOTL, to Begin an Uncertain School Year

    Now that the Ministry of Education has denied members of CARE an appeal of the Parliament Oak accommodation review, the group must reassess the situation before taking matters to court. Niagara-on-the-Lake’s CARE organization (Citizens for Accountable and Responsible Education) asks the community and committee for full-fledged support in this decision between acceptance and legal resistance of Parliament Oak’s closure next spring.

    Following an unsuccessful conference in London last week, it is clear that CARE cannot carry the weight of this decision alone. Should the case go to court, the process will grow too costly for a group of parents and community members to cover. For this reason, all involved await the municipal election this November to gauge the committee’s intent moving forward. Although months away, much work has to be done in the interim.

    Fortunately, parents and community members received some solace this week as Parliament Oak reported strong registration rates this year, particularly among Junior and Senior Kindergarten students. By adding another teacher to the staff, the school no longer needs to run triple split classes, which will better accommodate new and existing students of varying grade levels. As CARE members continue to wait anxiously for the Town’s support, families can be rest-assured that the school board will do everything in its power to make the final year at Parliament Oak a positive and successful one.

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