• Ontario Contributes $26.2M towards Niagara South Hospital Project

    According to a news release earlier this week, the province of Ontario has pledged $26.2 million to the south Niagara hospital project. This funding follows the recommendations put forward in 2011 by the Niagara Health System (NHS) chief executive officer, Kevin Smith. As of this week, Smith approximates a timeframe of 12-18 months for construction, bringing us into 2015.

    Since 2004, the province has increased NHS funding by more than 65%. In total, for the province of Ontario, similar efforts have led to the construction of 23 new hospitals. In support of Ontario’s Action Plan for Health Care, the proposal for Niagara’s new hospital aligns with the initiative for a high-quality, easy-access health care system.

    As stated by Niagara Falls’ Mayor, this is precisely what the money from the government will go towards: Creating an up-to-date hospital for all residents of South Niagara. This development could affect as many as 434,000 people, so this is a big development for the region. In terms of other provincial developments, take a look at the government’s progress report below:

    *Photo Credit: Niagara at Large

    Ontario Action Plan for Health Care Progress

    “Our goal is to deliver health care that puts patients at the centre of the system, responds to their needs and makes it easier for providers to coordinate care – so that it’s there for everyone who needs it.” — Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care

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