• Niagara-on-the-Lake Residents Donate $500,000 to the St. Catharines Performing Arts Centre

    Joe and Anita Robertson generously signed $500,000 over to the St. Catharines Performing Arts Centre, which will open “softly” next September and officially by October 2015. In celebration of the couple’s 25th anniversary since moving from Toronto, they chose to support the local community’s culture and economy by assisting the venue’s fundraiser. Out of respect and gratitude, the theatre and dance hall will become the Robertson Theatre.

    Once completed, the St. Catharines Performing Arts Centre will occupy 95,000 sq. ft. at the corner of Carlisle and St. Paul. In total, the $60-million building will harbour four separate performance venues, each designed by Diamond & Schmitt Architects. Already, the federal government has invested $18 million into the project, while the city of St. Catharines covers the remainder $24 million. With that said, $5 million of this budget comes from community fundraising, with $3.2 already collected.

    Should the Performing Arts Centre receive more funds than necessary, developers intend to establish a trust fund for its users. This is another way the centre strives to promote arts and culture in Niagara Region. It’s a principle step in the revitalization of downtown St. Catharines; thus, it will also serve as a tourist attraction for years to come. Locally, the project is partnered with Brock University too, which intends to move the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts nearby.

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