• Niagara’s Tourism Sector: Invest, Build and Support

    Earlier this year, the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce (GNCC) spoke at the Canadian Chambers’ Annual Meeting on behalf of the region’s business community. The issues at hand during this meeting included Canadian skill shortages and falling tourism rates. On Monday, the CNCC met with Ontario’s Minister of Finance as well as the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport to discuss Niagara’s tourism, hospitality and leisure sectors in more detail.

    The tourism industry accounts for 35% of Niagara’s economy and represents nearly 55,000 jobs. Stably growing this industry has been a primary objective over the past few years, but, as one could expect, the GNCC has encountered challenges along the way. The meeting on Monday revealed portions of the Chamber’s Blueprint for Economic Growth and Prosperity that require further attention and support.

    During the meeting, they outlined a need for industry benchmarks in order to better track marketing investments. In light of the three-tier growth plan — invest, build and support — Niagara must first fully engage with step one before expanding infrastructure. Thankfully, due to Niagara’s ideal location, there are plenty of lucrative investment opportunities to be found in the region. From adventure tourism to eco-tourism, there are plenty of industries to build and support moving forward.

    Niagara Tourism Industry

    Photo Credit: Niagara Canada, Invest in Niagara


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