• Niagara’s National Public Works Week

    In celebration of National Public Works Week, in which thousands of public works professionals are recognized and commended for their labours, Niagara Region Headquarters will host a series of presentations intended to highlight all of what these public workers have done for the community. From May 21st to 24th, inside the Campbell East Entrance,  residents will have the chance to walk around and view sundry displays that showcase the many services we may take for granted during the year.

    On May 22nd, from 11am to 2pm, Niagara Region Headquarters will have a special display set-up, allowing community members to interact with the service vehicles seen driving around the city. In addition, residents will have the opportunity to purchase recycling and outdoor bins on this day.

    The professionals honoured during National Public Work Week are active members of the community who deserve acknowledgement for their hard work. Some of the celebrated services include transportation, water and waste management, storage facilities, and infrastructure up-keep. As Ken Brothers, Comissioner of Public Works, has eloquently expressed: “In Niagara we have a strong and dedicated team of public works professionals that are committed to delivering high quality services for Niagara residents.”

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