• Niagara to Join Diner En Blanc Society

    Announced last week during the Spirit of Niagara Event, NOTL Chamber of Commerce has become International Diner en Blanc Society’s newest member.  Next year, Niagara region will join several other cities across the world as they participate in this prestigious picnic event.  Not only will the event help to solidify Niagara’s vast diversity, but it will create an elegant spectacle in the process.   Implied in the invitation however, the NOTL Chamber of Commerce’s must oblige the following rules:

    • All seating must be specified – tables must be symmetrical, men and women on opposite sides;
    • Guests need to be invited by a participant from the previous year or sign-up for a lengthy waiting list.  Regardless of circumstance, once you have confirmed your attendance your presence is mandatory;
    • All attire and decoration is to be strictly white;
    • Participants should come and leave by chartered bus or organized public transport;
    • The event must be left as clean as it had been prior to the guest’s arrival;
    • Guests must bring both a table and chairs for themselves, and must depart with all belongings.


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