• Niagara North-South Commuter Train Proposal

    Niagara North-South Commuter Train ProposalNow that regional councillors have nodded the project along, Niagara Region municipalities are next to assess Trillium Railway’s passenger-train proposal. To create a north-south commuter service between St. Catharines and Port Colborne would cost approximately $1.6 million in rail line upgrades, plus an additional $4 million per car (DMU). Building stations, however, is an expense yet to be calculated.

    Despite a large up-front investment, Trillium Railway offers their Welland Canal tracks, which currently transport freights throughout the region, to the project. A few modifications would be necessary to accommodate passenger cars and schedules, but using the infrastructure in place would not only minimize the cost, but also the construction time.

    Introducing a commuter service could have a profound impact on the region’s economy. In fact, councillors believe this private-public partnership could encourage GO to extend its train services into the region. Additional benefits include improved employer accessibility (and a larger labour pool), heightened support for Niagara’s grow-south strategy, increased development opportunities, enhanced tourism and upgraded municipal transit services.

    About: Trillium Railway Co. Ltd. is the short-line railway company in control of the Port Colborne Harbour Railway (PCHR). The company’s rail line extends 50km, reaching 20 industries in Port Colborne, Welland, Thorold and St. Catharines. For more information, visit their website at TrilliumRailway.com.

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