• Niagara Manufacturing Jobs and Investment Strategy

    Niagara Manufacturing JobsEarlier in the year, the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund aided Niagara-region manufacturing companies in creating nearly 200 new jobs. For a labour force of roughly 21,200, this may not seem like a substantial improvement, but it was a step towards boosting an industry recently faced with a slew of closures, lay-offs, and lost talent.

    As 1/5th of the local economy, city councillors approved a motion this week to develop a manufacturing jobs and investment strategy. Working with other municipalities as well as with the Niagara Industrial Association and the Automotive Communities Alliance, the city strives to immediately optimize the job market. They will begin by compiling a list of all employment opportunities in the region. The positions will be made available through an improved point of contact with a rapid response team behind the scenes. By streamlining approvals and hastening job inquiry responses (under 48 hours), the industry stands a better chance at retaining the local workers who have been recently swooned by companies in the Northern States.

    Such initiatives are important for the local economy to maintain a general progression month-to-month, especially as the manufacturing industry continues to change. What was once known as an automotive and industrial hub has become an energy, bio-engineering, and media production powerhouse. The city council’s plan should lend Niagara companies a competitive edge, which will foster sectoral growth and improve the state of employment overall.

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