• Niagara Falls Website Redesigned

    How the New Niagara Falls Website Prioritizes Accessibility and Usability

    After three months of remodelling, the city of Niagara Falls announced its new website earlier this week. The design resembles the government of Canada’s website, favouring accessibility and usability above all else. Apart from complying with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, the website’s top-down approach enables users to easily locate and retrieve information.

    Niagara Falls Website Redesigned


    The website’s clickable options become more specific further down the page. At the top, users will find two search bars: one for general queries and the other with a drop-down menu. Just below, five general categories sit on top of a high-quality featured image. Again, each category drops down for a greater selection.

    Should users not find what they seek in either of these two places, they may look below once more at the 10 link boxes, decorated with icons and colours that reshuffle and resize to fit any screen size—an aspect of responsiveness. Front-end developers claim that the website works on all desktop and mobile platforms, bolstering their aforesaid accessibility efforts.

    Lastly, the homepage includes a news feed, demonstrating the city’s goal to improve communications. This will complement a larger project in motion—one pending approval for $25,640—that comprises a weekly and monthly newsletter, plus a MyCity leisure guide every spring and fall.

    Parent and Child Pages

    On each parent and child page, users will see a navigational sidebar with breadcrumbs. This enables users to track where they’ve come from and where they wish to go. Like most modern sites, should users get too lost, they simple need to look to the header (logo and main menu) to return to the homepage. In regards to the footer, the website provides contact information and links to social profiles.

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