• Niagara Falls Plaques and Monuments Wanted!

    The City of Niagara Falls’ Arts/Culture and Municipal Heritage Committees have begun inventorying local historic plaques and monuments, attempting to account for hundreds of unaccounted markers in the city.

    Already, many of the known markers exist within established jurisdictions, including both the Niagara Parks Commission and the Chippawa Citizens Committee. There may be, however, markers overlooked on private property, which is why the city asks its citizen to keep an eye out in coming weeks!

    For those who know of any markers undiscovered by the city, email a brief description of the plaque or monument, along with its location, to planning@niagarafalls.ca for indexing. Keep in mind the inventory does not count grave markers.

    About Niagara Parks Landscape: Along Niagara Parkway, visitors can find more than 100 monuments and plaques of great historical and cultural significance. The trail spans 56km — a length perfect for biking, driving, or walking —  offering a great scenic detour for those travelling through the area. Should you find yourself here, stop and read the markers and memorials to learn more about Niagara’s heritage.

    About Chippawa Citizens Committee: The interests of this group orient the preservation of the Village of Chippawa’s history. In doing so, the group also promotes various social aspects of the region. Visitors can explore the village on Sunday evenings, when the group hosts music concerts in Cummington Square from July through to August.

    Swing by http://www.waynecook.com/aniagara.html for those who wish to learn more. Wayne Cook offers a comprehensive guide to historic markers and monuments in the region!

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