• Niagara 400-Series Highway Developments

    Residents of Niagara Region were introduced to the first round-about installation off of a 400-series highway, intended to link traffic near the Welland Canal tunnel to Highway 140. On 5am Thursday morning, commuters were permitted access to this interchange, all-the-while being monitored by the OMT as drivers tried to adjust to the change. While most vehicles navigated the circle well-enough, the morning did not pass without a few hiccups. But this is to be expected, as a round-about at the end of the 406 is a foreign concept. Further developments will continue until October, though the round-about will remain operational for the time being. Drivers can expect to see construction on the center island over the next few weeks.

    Looking ahead, a new four-lane highway between the 406 and the QEW has been proposed by the MoT. As a part of the Niagara to Greater Toronto Area transportation development strategy, $1 to $1.5-billion has been set aside for a new south Niagara roadway. Other recommendations that appear in this report include GO Transit Rail service and a two-lane addition to a segment of the QEW. Though plans to develop have not yet been finalized, many local officials believe this would benefit the region’s transportation system greatly.

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