• Naming Opportunities at St. Catharines’ New Performing Arts Centre

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    The first phase of St. Catharines’ New Performing Arts Centre fundraiser has been on for twenty-two months, collecting a total of $2.88 million. The New Performing Arts Centre looks to glean $5 million to put towards construction costs, a large portion of which the City covers with innovation funding.

    Originally, the fundraiser was set to end Dec. 31st, 2014. However, due to delays last year, the campaign will continue forward until the site opens in fall 2015. Having passed the halfway milestone, St. Catharines’ New Performing Arts Centre naming opportunities are limited: only one of four venues remains untitled, along with the building itself. Donations of $500,000 and $3 million would settle both respectively.

    But donors need not pledge thousands to claim a stake in the theatre. The fundraiser will soon sell seat names at $500. For those inclined to spend more, dressing rooms, lobbies and other social spaces will sell upwards of $25,000, while a plague in the main lobby runs closer to $10,000.  Should all sponsorship opportunities close, the campaign will yield $7.6 million.

    About The New Performing Arts Centre

    Marketed as an “academic and cultural complex,” St. Catharines’ New Performing Arts Centre will span 95,000 sq. ft. across four large venues. The building will act as a hub for local arts groups, putting on 600+ events and attracting 125,000 visitors each year. The site will bustle with spectators, students, performers and employees, making a substantial contribution to St. Catharines financially and culturally. For more information on sponsorship opportunities, visit The New Performing Arts Centre Support Page.

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