• Memorial in Development for Welland Politician Peter Kormos

    In remembrance of Welland’s beloved Peter Kormos, the city plans to erect a memorial at Welland Market Square. As a politician known for his wild-west foot gear, the city will install a bronzed pair of cowboy boots in the court, surrounded gracefully by tall trees, benches and engraved stone plaques.

    Earlier this week, councillors approved a $40,000 spending budget towards developing the court in 2014. The project will follow three phases: (1) Site cleanup and fence removal, (2) landscaping and (3) memorial and plaque installment.

    Next year, the council will deliberate the second phase, at which point an additional $95,000 investment will be required to finalize the property’s design. The memorial itself costs roughly $12,000, a fourth of which the city has already fundraised.

    About Welland Market Square

    Once complete, the courtyard will serve as an elaborate entrance to Niagara’s largest Farmer’s Market, one that has attracted locals and tourists since 1907 with its abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses and baked goods.

    The Welland Farmer’s Market is also home to one of the city’s prized historical sites, the Farmer’s Market Building, which was constructed in 1919 with both Spanish and Prairie styles in mind. To learn more about the market, visit the city of Welland’s website.

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