• Let’s All Keep Our New Year’s Resolutions!

    New Year's Resolutions 2015Tips on Reaching Your Aims and Ambitions in 2015

    According to the Guardian, only 8% of optimistic planners fulfil their New Year’s resolutions; many fail before even reaching the midway milestone. In light of this, let’s go over a few strategies for keeping resolutions in 2015. Note that everyone copes with change differently, so build a program suitable to your personality. As well, make purposeful resolutions—not ones that do not matter if completed or not. Health and wellness are obvious picks, but consider other goals like learning a new skill or optimizing a part of your professional or social life.

    Plan, Organize and Track Your Progress

    If you’ve waited until now to make a New Year’s resolution, you’re already behind. This is because impromptu plans rarely see their ends; you need strategies that anticipate obstacles and realistically fit into the day-to-day. Simply itemizing goals will not cut it: establish a routine that gradually achieves them.

    Think in terms of steps rather than ends and build a plan that targets these milestones. Two months is less daunting than 365 days, so break up resolutions to make them more attainable—plus you’ll feel re-encouraged along the way. Go as far as to reward yourself here and there too. For instance, if want to eat healthier, give yourself a few cheat days.

    Keeping track of your progress couldn’t be easier now that apps exist for everything. PC Magazine wrote an interesting article on this topic, “Thirteen Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions.” Check it out here. Such apps integrate social media, allowing you to go public with your New Year’s resolutions. Doing so can place pressure on you to finish them, another strategy worth exploring. Similarly, find a partner and monitor your goals together, as you can motivate one another throughout the year!

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