• Horizon Holdings Inc. 2012 Financial Report

    Remember when Horizon Holdings Inc. became Canada’s first and only “Sustainable Electricity Company”? Well, after reviewing the company’s 2012 Sustainability-Based Report and 2012 Global Reporting Initiative, the numbers and figures speak for themselves. In 2012, Horizon Holding’s net income was $26.2-million, which is $9.1-million more than the previous year. For the local municipalities of St. Catherine’s and Hamilton, the company distributed $13.7-million in dividends to principle share-holders. Further accolades and acknowledgements in last year’s report include:

    • 93% scoring on Customer Satisfaction polls
    • Top ten employer in Hamilton-Niagara (second year in a row)
    • 2013 Environmental Excellence Award
    • Canadian Electricity Associations’ 2012 Sustainability Company of the Year
    • 2012 Hamilton Environmentalists of the Year Award of Merit
    • 2012 Best Sustainability Report Award

    Continuing forward, Horizon Holdings Inc. plans to further expand solar photovoltaic generation, metering services, and Demand Management services for an array of utilities offered to local residents and businesses. Already the Conservation and Demand Management sector has seen outstanding applicant interest for their efficiency program, having processes $3.1-million in customer incentives last year. Of the projects under construction, Horizon Holdings has installed 1.6-megawatts of solar generation rooftop panels to-date; a number surely to increase in 2013.

    Horizon Holding’s Inc. is the parent company of Horizon Utilities Corporation, which is the primary service provider of safe, sustainable electricity services in the Niagara Region. Hamilton Utilities Corporation and St. Catherine’s Hydro Inc. both operate under Horizon Holdings regulations; together, these companies extend their services to over 239,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers.

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