• Hamilton Goes Mobile, and So Should Niagara!

    The recent Hamilton Goes Mobile seminar highlighted a growing trend toward smartphone and tablet consumerism. Based on the research and information shared at this event, it seems imperative for Niagara-based businesses to adopt a new way of reaching mobile shoppers. Let’s take a look at a few of the stats presented during the seminar:

    • 90% of shoppers use their smartphones for product research
    • 70% of mobile inquiries lead to some form of action
    • 30% of shoppers would rather search their smartphone than ask an employee for help
    • 80% of smartphone owners crave more mobile-friendly information
    • 25% of shoppers purchase items using their smartphones

    With the above market information, businesses in Niagara must now look to engage this growing mobile audience. The best way to do so is through responsive web design. Responsive design allows a website to fit the form of any device — smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet — without distorting its layout. While responsive design plays a huge role in the mobile push, here are a few other considerations for Niagara businesses to note:

    • Contact Information — Make it easy for the user to pull-up your business’ contact information. Better yet, include a map and/or directions. Making the most out of GPS location sharing can help connect you to your customers faster and more efficiently.
    • Content and Images — Ensure that all important areas (i.e. product description, pricing, images, etc.) can be easily viewed on a smartphone. As well, compress all photos before posting because this can affect the page-speed of a mobile website.
    • Design — A large component of mobile shopping is the ability to zoom and swipe, so consider this in your design. Avoid incompatible formats like flash and other multimedia scripts.
    • Social Integration — Most people use their smartphones to connect and communicate with their friends. By integrating social media on your website, you improve your website’s online presence in the community.

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