• Growing Tourism in Niagara Region

    After a successful year for tourism in 2012, Niagara Region must look for ways to yield comparable, if not improved, results for 2013. Last year, headlining activities such as the Red Bull Crashed Ice Event and Nik Welenda’s tightrope escapade attracted thousands of tourists, growing the region’s global identity considerably. Reaching that same type of publicity is crucial moving into 2013, which is why the city has decided that the region’s marketing campaign must change. 2013 will bring about a slew of new internet ads in hope that it will generate sustainable international interest. It isn’t just about beating last year’s numbers; it is about creating a positive trend moving forward.

    Based on the sheer success of the events last year, council members of Niagara Region look to expand many of the regional celebrations currently in place, while also introducing new events in 2013:

    • In 2012, Welland Flatwater Centre’s Festival raked in $3-million. For this reason, this festival’s financial support will be continued. In 2015, the Welland Flatwater Centre will host the Pan am Games, which will attract large populations of people from all over the world.
    • The Scotiabank Convention Centre will host events such as the National Cheer and Dance Championships in May, 2013.
    • All annual events, such as the Niagara Falls New Year’s Eve and Niagara Wine Festival, will run as they do every year.

    Since this will be the last year that Niagara’s beloved Maid in the Mist operates on the Canadian side of the falls, the city needs to look elsewhere to encourage border-crossing. One way that the city plans to do so is by using Niagara’s wineries, natural attractions, and sporting events, to brand the region as a true tourist destination.

    The Tourism Partnership of Niagara and Niagara College

    On March 6th, Niagara College and the City of Niagara announced that they will be working together to expand the interests of growers, artisan producers, wineries, chefs, restaurateurs, and accommodators, as a way to boost the region’s culinary and wine touring offerings. The good news is that Niagara could not have picked a better time to begin this expansion. Due to the changing environment, forecasts predict that Niagara will actually become a better region for wine-growing. The change in temperatures will simulate the favourable conditions often found in European vineyard countries, turning areas outside of the Niagara peninsula into fertile grounds for growing wine longer in the year.

    In light of these changes, Niagara will be able to market the region uniquely, focusing strongly on their culinary and wine-making industries, in addition to many other great social events in the heart of the city.

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