• Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund Pledges $22,850 to Trout Unlimited Canada

    Trout Unlimited Canada’s Niagara Chapter received $22,850 from the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund — an Ontario Ministry of the Environment (OME) initiative — to protect species in the Twelve Mile Creek by lowering water temperature and improving water quality.

    The Twelve Mile Creek passes through the town of Pelham and touches many other areas in Niagara, including Thorold and St. Catharines. It is the region’s only cold watershed with brook trout, which is why it has become a primary focus for Trout Unlimited Canada to preserve and restore. In addition to trout, there are more than 4,000 other species of plants, fish, and wildlife surrounding the river’s ecosystem along the Great Lakes Basin.

    The Ontario Ministry of the Environment has worked to protect Ontarian ecosystems for the past 40 years. The Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund is just another way the ministry strives to achieve this goal. With grants up to $25,000 available, the fund assists communities in taking care of the Great Lakes. As Niagara demonstrates, only projects with a “direct environmental benefit” qualifies for funding. Such projects include improving water quality, cleaning wetlands and coastal areas, as well as protecting local species and habitats.

    For more information on the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund, or Trout Unlimited Canada, please click the links below:

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