• Get Ready for the Niagara Technology Summit 2013


    Wednesday, May 8th at the Scotiabank Convention Centre, the Great Niagara Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Telus, will be hosting the annual Niagara Technology Summit. This year’s event will focus on the use of technology to accelerate workplace productivity, distribution, and efficiency. Similar to in the past, the Summit will be interactive, allowing participants to engage with new technologies and watch thorough presentations given by true professionals in the field. This year’s line-up will include:

    • Keynote Speaker Marc Saltzman, a freelance journalists and broadcast technology expert
    • “Build a Winning Internet Strategy” — Peter Corbiere of Business Development Bank of Canada
    • “3D Printing and Design” — Doug Angus Lee of Javelin Technologies
    • “There’s an App for That” == Joe Jones of Symetric Productions and Allie Hughes of Hughes & Co.
    • “The Social Customer” — Larry Anderson of Trigger Strategies and Arnoldi:McPherson
    • “Technology Issues Facing Small Businesses Today” — Randy Biggs of VACS
    • “Managed Services” — Ben Browen of Better Business Group
    • “Customer Relationship Management” — Renus Bailey of Blackberry
    • “Finding the True Business Value in Technology” — Hugh Johnson, Kevin McCabe, Rob Auld, and Piero Fusco or Telus

    As can be seen through this extensive list, this year’s event will be incredibly informative. Don’t miss out on your chance to learn from the best, and to bring back valuable tips and tricks that will maximize your business’ operation and results.

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