• GenNext’s 2nd Annual Classic

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    For the second year in a row, Niagara’s GenNext council has begun to plan for this year’s classic.  Sources reveal that the event will be held May 31st in the Pen Centre of Kahuanaville and that this year’s theme be a “Stag “n” Doe”.  The classic will have a $5 entrance fee but invites all young community professionals – between the ages of 20 and 40 – to come out, socialize, and have a great time. There will be live music and a raffle, as well as many other great events throughout the night.  If the 2nd annual classic goes according to plan, the United Way will put all proceeds towards the following programs that help optimize community living:

    • All That Kids Can Be – Children who participate in the B.E.S.T (Better Emotional and Social Times) program are encouraged to reach their fullest potential. Through group-based interactive learning, children are taught a wide variety of coping techniques and social strategies to help boost confidence and strengthen childhood relationships.
    • Moving from Poverty to Possibility - Through efforts like Niagara’s Food Program, families and disadvantaged individuals are given the essentials – shelter, food, and income. Currently, more than 15,000 families in Niagara have turned to the program during a time of need.
    • Empowering People and Communities - Designed to aid those who are struggling in their day-to-day life, the United Way helps provide disabled individuals many different resources to help them overcome these obstacles.  One such program, the Volunteer Transportation, benefits over 400 seniors each year.

    The United Way of St. Catherine’s & District

    Through outreach and fundraising efforts, the United Way of St. Catherine’s & District attempts to engage with the next generation of young donors. Members of the GenNext cabinet aim to market, recruit, and inform young community members of the social injustice currently brewing around them.  Whether or not this is to do with poverty, oppression, or physical handicap does not matter: the ultimate goal is to give strength back to the part of the community that needs a lift.

    The United Way is always looking for volunteers.  Since there is still a month before this year’s classic, there are many slots available slots for volunteers.  Besides the financial expectations for this event, the United Way’s ultimate ambitions for membership growth are:

    1. To develop membership of the 20-40 year old demographic in St. Catherine’s & District
    2. To increase GenNext member participation in the various United Way initiatives
    3. TO create a forum for professional networking and socializing
    4. To develop a new generation of leaders.



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