• DSBN Passes a $431.4M Budget for 2014/15

    DSBN BudgetOn Tuesday evening, the District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) public school trustees unanimously approved a $431.4M budget for the 2014/15 school term. In this budget, the board intends to roll out the following developments.

    Kindergarten: Starting in September, the new budget allocates $1.7M for full-day Kindergarten programs in all 15 schools. Such funds will allow schools to add 63 ECEs, which ultimately will assist teachers engage students and plan fuller activities and curriculums.

    Special Education: More than $1.2M will go towards special education enhancements. This will mark the first phase in a four-year funding plan. Since the current DSBN budget exceeds former years, the additional funds will help catch the district up to other dedicated provincial programs. As the report explains:

    “Typically, the DSBN has experienced a shortfall in special education funding compared to other boards across Ontario. Now, this additional funding will continue to enable us to give the best possible service to our most vulnerable students.”

    The surplus funds will allow the board to take on additional full-time EAs to accommodate a wider scope of student needs. On top of this, the board will acquire three social workers and an interpreter to breakdown sign language communication barriers in schools.

    Numeracy: In light of last year’s math testing results, the DSBN has set aside $200,000 for student use of Dreambox, an interactive math program.

    To learn more about the 2014/15 DSBN budget, visit the original press release here.

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