• Dealing with Vandalism in the Community

    Vandalism in Niagara RegionWhen Regional Police arrived at Memorial Park on Monday, they walked onto another property disheveled by city vandals. This is not the first case to appear in the news as of late, nor will it likely be the last. In this particular instance, however, the damage was quite extensive, totaling more than $1000. During the winter months, vandals entered through a broken wired gate, hacked down the door, and flipped the building’s interior upside down. Thankfully, Urge to Purge, a local organization dedicated to decluttering, organizing, and cleaning homes/workspaces, volunteered to assist with the cleanup.

    A week earlier, the police apprehended three youths for breaking and entering with mischievous intent. The $2500 in vandalism damages to the Beamsville District Secondary School became yet another property on the list of those devastated in the community. One of the most shocking incidents to follow these crimes, however, includes the hate epitaph left on the side of 900 Buffalo avenue. Currently, the property owner intends to transform this building into a hotel, yet this act of vandalism may set the project back up to $30,000 should the affected bricks need replacing.

    As with most urban areas, vandalism happens. However, just because vandalism is unavoidable does not mean that it’s unpreventable. While some incidents of graffiti can be considered “street-art,” adding culture to an urban area, there’s a massive difference between that and the destructive actions making headlines in past weeks. Vandalism’s known to injure a city’s reputation, appearance, and budget, so moving forward community groups should devise new strategies for keeping their properties safe, well-managed, and monitored. [Photo credit: Alan Cleaver via photopin cc]

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