• Biolyse Pharma to Create 59 Jobs in St.Catherines

    After FedDev’s generous contribution of $2.9-million, St. Catherines’ medical development and research firm Bioyse Pharma looks to increase drug production, hire more staff, and construct a new facility. As part of the agreement, the company must also invest $2.9-million of their own money to fund these up-coming improvements. First on the list, Bioyse Pharma plans to build a new 20,000sq “clean room” in which medication for pain management, asthma and antibiotics will be tested extensively.

    Bioyse Pharma’s current chemotherapy facility will also benefit from this investment. Not only will the company upgrade some of their existing equipment, but researchers plan to develop 20 additional chemotherapy drugs for distribution. Of course, the labour required to undertake such massive change will require more staff. Though the company has already grown from 15 to over 100 in the past few years, the company intends to hire 59 more skilled professionals in the near future.

    Since the 80s, Biolyse Pharma has been devoted to reducing the cost of medicine. Biolyse Pharma distributes oncology drugs to both Canadian cancer centres and international medical markets, equipping the world with new pharmaceuticals to help improve patient success rates and recovery speeds.


    Biolyse Pharma JobsThe FedDev Ontario’s Prosperity Initiative

    Through the Economic Action Plan 2013, the Government seeks to enhance productivity, diversification, and competition in South Ontario through the creation and adoption of new technologies, skills, and programs. Specifically, this mission targets businesses, non-profits, and educational institutions, encouraging them to create ambitious projects that will benefit the industry/ sector as a whole.

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