• Bicycle Lanes Coming to Niagara


    Bicycle Lanes Coming to NiagaraOn Tuesday, the Niagara City Council approved plans to construct bicycles lanes on Ontario Road, creating links throughout the city that will eventual connect to the recreational trails along the canal. Approximately $29,500 has been invested in the city project and will be spent laying down fresh asphalt, painting lanes and symbols, and placing signs along the street for safe cycling. These up-coming developments are only a fraction of the region’s $200,000 budget for bicycle transportation planning in 2013.

    City residents will enjoy myriad benefits having bike lanes on Ontario Road — soon to be other streets as well. For cyclists, they will have safe, designated riding areas with improved visibility and maneuverability. Travelling across the city will be less congested and dangerous for the rider as well as traffic. For pedestrians, this means a greater separation from cars. This buffer area between street and sidewalk also serves as additional emergency vehicle parking.

    Under the section of Integrated Transportation Systems in the 2013 Budget Summary, it is apparent that further changes are on the way:

    • Updates/revisions to the Niagara Transportation Strategy
    • Completion of the Streets Pilot Project
    • Advancements to the Healthy Communities Agenda
    • Developments to Transportation Demand Management policies

    For more information on Niagara transportation, read our earlier post on the 400-series highway currently underway.

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