• Bay Beach Program Discontinued — What Comes Next?

    On December 31st, the 12-storey condo development project in Fort Erie, known as the Bay Beach Project, was discontinued. After selling 16 of the 67 units, developers promise to refund all purchasers, but the cancellation of the project has cost the community much more than this. Originally, the developing team offered $3.2 million in benefits in exchange for the beach-front property. Now that the plans have been cancelled, however, this pledge has also been retracted. Although over with, debate still lingers over the future of the area, which in itself is worth over $2 million.

    To date, Crystal Beach has already undergone a substantial residential redevelopment priced at approximately $60 million. As well, money continues to pour into the public space each year, surpassing $4 million in the last few decades. In effect, this beautiful sandy shoreline attracts thousands of tourists each summer for day trips and cottage rentals along the water. Thanks to environmental changes, Lake Erie has transformed into a clear warm-water lake commonly referred to as “Canada’s South Coast.”

    Although a natural beauty, one already contributing to the tourism sector, community members are urged to comment on what should be done with the area. Some believe additional businesses should sprout along the water to create a thriving retail strip, while others see extended walkways, parks, and recreational space as more beneficial. Although plans moving forward will surely take time to shape, it’s important to start thinking ahead as the spring nears.

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