• Awarding Niagara’s Waste Diversion Program

    A few weeks back, we mentioned Niagara Region’s waste diversion program and its positive influence on the local economy and global environment. It seems now that the program is finally getting the attention it deserves. The Recycling Council of Ontario and the Municipal Waste Association have awarded this Niagara-based initiative with a medal for its outreach contributions.

    In light of its success in 2012, Niagara’s waste diversion program received a gold medal earlier this week. The program focused on educating individuals on what types of materials can be recycled, encouraging over 5,000 participants to enroll in the program’s contest. The success of the program has also spread to Welland, Pelham, and port Colberne, where 2.5 metric tons of batteries have been successfully diverted from landfills, resulting also in a gold medal.

    Emterra Environmental, the company in charge of Niagara’s recycling, has been acknowledged by the Make Your Contribution at the Curb campaign with a silver medal. As a result, every tone of recycled material properly discarded  in Niagara region will equal one dollar in donations to the cause.

    For related information, please review two of our previous blog posts: “Niagara Region Cracking Down on Illegal Dumping” and “Niagara Region’s Electronic Waste Initiatives.”

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