• $41.97-Million Construction Contract for St. Catharines Performing Arts Centre

    On Monday night, St. Catherine’s city council came to the unanimous decision to present Toronto’s Bird Construction firm with the contract for the region’s new Performing Arts Centre. After receiving many bids, all of which were below the city’s budget of $42.8-million, the council contently settled on the contract of best value; one which encompasses features of the redesign previously taken off of the table. Residents will be elated to receive this news as the pending plans for the Performing Arts Centre have been supported whole-heartedly for quite some time.

    The construction of the Performing Arts Centre is an integral development in a larger scheme to revitalize St. Catherine’s downtown core. Upon completion, this centre will serve as a professional facility that promotes, encourages, and attracts art and culture from around the region. Bird Construction will operate in partnership with Brock University, which has promised to relocate the Marilyn Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts nearby.

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