• St. Catharines Added to the Niagara Wine Route

    Niagara Wine RouteOfficially as of June 25th, the Niagara Wine Route includes downtown St. Catharines! As part of a ten-year mission to connect the west Niagara and Niagara-on-the-Lake wineries, businesses and restaurants along St. Paul and Queenstone can celebrate a summer now on the map.

    The idea to expand the route first appeared in 2006, shortly after construction transformed St. Paul into a two-way street. To complement this development, the city launched a revitalization plan, which introduced a performing arts centre, the Brock University arts school, a 6,000-seat spectator facility, and the redesigned Burgoyne Bridge. Together, these changes have prepared St. Catharines for the local tourism hike ahead.

    The Niagara Wine Route running through St. Catharines will improve the local economy greatly, both by helping existing establishments and by allowing new ones to flourish. Many of the current businesses already embrace their new position by offering specials to travelling tourists. As some retailers point out, doing so helps to remind people of everything St. Catharines has to offer. Being integrated with one of the region’s most popular attractions, the city is more accessible than ever before!

    New visitors can easily traverse the new route by following the signage. In total, the route includes more than 500 navigators in Niagara and Ontario. Combined with a maps’ assistance, tourists can locate wineries, restaurants, hotels, shops, and other attractions along the way. If you have not done so already, now’s the time to get driving!

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